British Museum Rug Trade Cards

BM Registration number Name of firm Transcription Dealer or Manufacturer (D/M)
Banks 30.6 W Clapham Rug manufacturers, 14 Cold Bath Road, Knaresborough, Low Harrogate M
Banks 30.8 Graham and Cole Carpet manufacturers, Numbers 142 and 144 Regent Street M
Banks 30.11 John Phillips Upholders to the honourable City of London The carpet, upholstery, cabinet and paper hanging warehouse where ladies and gentlemen may be supplied with all sorts of furniture, bedsteads, bedding &c, Turkey, Persia, Wilton, Kidderminster and Scotch carpets of all sizes etc. etc. D
Heal 30.1 John Austin Bought of John Austin at the upholstery, Scotch, Wilton & Kidderminster warehouse in James Street, Covent Garden 17..(date not completed) D
Heal 30.6 Carter and Company The cheapest house in London for elegant carpets 2 Cheapside, near Paternoster Row. Brussels, Kidderminster and Venetian carpeting D
Heal 30.7 Carter and Fawcett Address and particulars as above D
Heal 30.8 John Cookson & Co Carpet manufacturers, bought at their warehouse no 53 Snow Hill or their factory in Leeds, (dated 1797 with bill of sale) M
Heal 30.10 Thomas Drury & Son Carpet manufacturers to their late Royal Highnesses the Princess Charlotte of Wales and Duke of Kent at their wholesale and retail warehouse, Covent Garden. Importers of Turkey carpets (dated 1825) D and M
Heal 30.13 Kent & Luck Original carpet and upholstery warehouse, Carpenter’s Hall, No. 67 London Wall (dated 1792) M/D
Heal 30.14 Kent, Luck & Kents Address and details as above. Dated with bill for Brussels carpeting and “the making thereof” 1804 M/D
Heal 30.15 Kents, Tomkins & Williams Address and particulars as above. Dated 1812 M/D
Heal 30.16 Luck & Kent Address and particulars as above. Dated 1781 M/D
Heal 30.19 Robert Morrell Chiswell Street, Moorfields “Manufactures all sorts of carpets, in particular that beautiful fabric as it was originally brought from the Royal manufactory at Challiott which exceeds every other kind of carpet for beauty, strength and duration of colours, and are made to any pattern size or shape. Likewise, choice of Turkey carpets wholesale and retail. N>B The manufactory is carried on in the City Road near the Artillery Ground M/D
Heal 30.20 Thomas Norris Carpet manufacturer and upholsterer’s warehouse. Bill signed to Lady Ann Conolly, 1794 for Brussels carpeting M
Heal 30.23 William Smith & Co Manufacturers from Worcestershire, having taken the warehouse late Mr Caldwall’s above Gray’s Inn Gate, Holborn. “Great choice of fine Persia, Turkey, Kidderminster, Scotch, Wilton and List, carpets of lively colours and beautiful patterns D/M
Heal 30.25 Walton’s Wholesale cheap carpet and rug manufactory, carpets and rugs made to any pattern or colour. Kidderminster House, 6 Newgate Street, London. Wonderful illustration of a worker at his loom that is well worth a look. M
Heal 30.26 Henry Watson Carpet and rug manufacturer, including Butler and Watson, No. 35 Old Bond Street. Receipt to F Brook Esq. 1813
Heal 30.27 Widnell & Co Carpet manufacturers at their warehouse, number 12 Holborn & manufactory, Little Saffron Hill. Bill to Mr Michie, 1789 for Wilton Carpet, 4.5x3.5 feet costing £6
Heal 30.28 Thomas Weaver Manufacturer of floorcloths, carpets rugs & C to the Royal family, no.118 Long Acre (removed from Holborn). Wholesale, retail and for exportation.