Spring Programme 2018

Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 7pm

“Textiles of SW China”

A talk by Martin Conlan (UK)

Martin Conlan is an acknowledged expert in the textile arts and crafts of Chinese tribal minorities. He has been researching and buying traditional textiles from Southwest China for over 30 years, since the region opened up to outsiders. He is the owner of the business Slow Loris which specialises in textiles from S and SW China, trading in indigo and vegetable-dyed antique textiles and beautifully cut modern oriental clothing in indigo and natural vegetable-dyed materials.

Wednesday 21st February 2018 at 7pm

“Traditional clothing from Ukraine with specific focus on Carpathian Mountains region”

A talk by Nataliya Cummings (Ukraine)

Natalya says “I graduated in Ukraine as a theatre director. I have always been interested in theatre costumes and specifically in ethnic Ukrainian textiles, so when I moved to U.K. I opened a small business of organising sustainable eco tours to rural areas in Transcarpathia and Carpathian Mountains with specific interest in local traditional crafts and textiles. I also bring beautiful handwoven and hand embroidered pieces from Ukraine to sell at different vintage events around the country. Next year we are running 2 textile based tours. Lviv City Tour(9-13th May2018), and Lizhnyk Weaving Tour(15-22nd May 2018)”

Nataliya is now settled in UK with her young family and deals in the textiles of her homeland. She also arranges textile tours to Western Ukraine and such a tour is currently under discussion.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 7pm

“Making fakes and copies of antique rugs in Turkey”

A talk by Vedat Karadag (Turkey)

With technical explanations Vedat will talk about new developments in the making of fakes in carpet making in Turkey and elsewhere.

Vedat Karadag graduated from Ankara Gazi University, and now has an adventure travel company and textile business.

He has given several talks at ICOC and other conferences in Europe and USA.

7th - 21st November 2018

“Textiles of Myanmar, A Masterclass in Applied Arts ”

We have a few places left for the ORTS tour of Myanmar. You will have the opportunity not only to see the country’s architectural masterpieces, but also to meet the skilled women weavers of War Bo, traditional Mro blanket makers, embroiderers and weavers in the tapestry workshop at Aung Nan and the lotus silk weavers of Inn Paw Khone. In the National Museum you see the finest examples of applied arts and ceremonial dresses. This has been organised by Yasin Zargar of Indus Experiences, the highly professional company who created our great Gujarat Trip. They have won awards for their special interest trips.

Asiya Zargar at is dealing with our bookings, or call Indus Experiences on 020 8901 7320. Yasin Zargar can be contacted on


Talks are held at the St. James Conference Room, 197 Piccadilly, W1J 9LL London.

The Conference Room entrance is within the corner of Church Place and Piccadilly at a wrought iron gate signed “Church Hall Conference Room” leading down iron stairs below street level.

Doors open from 6pm. Drinks and snacks are served.

Both Green Park and Piccadilly tube stations are a short walk away. Free parking in St James Square and Jermyn Street after 6.30pm.

Non-members welcome to attend for £7 a single lecture. Students £5. Membership of one year for 11 events at £20.