African Textile Books

Bendt, Vera Afrikanische Textilien aus der Sammlung des Deutschen Textilmuseums Krefeld [African Textiles from the Collection of the Textile Museum Krefeld] Deutschen Textilmuseums Krefeld Krefeld 2007 94  color plates 98 pp. 8.25 x 10.5 Paperback in New condition Textile Museum Krefeld exhibition catalog of their holdings of West African textiles. German text.


Bolland, Rita Tellem Textiles: Archaeological Finds from Burial Caves in Mali's Bandiagara Cliff KIT Press Amsterdam 1991 593 black and white  222 figures and drawings 320 pp. 8 x 10.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Detailed museum exhibition catalog of 11th - l6th century textiles found in Mali's Tellem caves, with a report on the conservation and analysis of fibers and dyes. With contributions on African archaeology and African textiles.


 Bontjes voor de tropen:  De export van imitatieweefsels naar de tropen (Furs for the Tropics: Imitation Fabric Exports to the Tropics) Gemeentekrediet Zwolle 1991  136 pp. 8.5 x 11 Paperback in Very Good condition. Deaccessioned from a museum's research library with minimal markings.  Museum exhibition catalog on the history of European fabric made into textiles for daily use in Africa. Dutch text.


Boser-Sarivaxevanis, Renee Textilhandwerk in West-Afrika: Weberei und Farberei (Textile Craft in West Africa: Weaving and Dyeing) Museum fur Volkerkunde and Schweizerisches Museum fur Volkskunde Basel 1972 37 black and white  35 figures 31 pp. 6 x 8.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Museum fur Volkerkunde and Schweizerisches Museum fur Volkskunde exhibition catalog of West African textiles.  German text. From the library of Irene Emery, author of the groundbreaking The Primary Structures of Fabrics.  


Bouttiaux, Anne-Marie et al. African Costumes and Textiles from the Berbers to the Zulus: The Zaira and Marcel Mis Collection 5 Continents Milan 2008 Over 250 color plates 320 pp. 9.75 x 12 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition Massive. "Celebrating African costumes and textiles, this volume draws on historical and modern pieces from the Zaira and Marcel Mis Collection. The extraordinary works presented exemplify the craftsmanship of highly skilled African weavers and provide insight into the lives and culture of various ethnic groups."


Clouzot, Henri  Tissus nègres / introduction par Henri Clouzot Librairie des arts décoratifs, A. Calavas éditeur Paris [1931] 48 plates with 6 in color [8] pp. 10 x 13 tied Portfolio in Very Good condition.   Uncommon early African textile book complete in decorative portfolio. Plates clean and bright.   


Eicher, Joanne Bobolz Nigerian Handcrafted Textiles University of Ife Press Ile-Ife, Nigeria 1976 24 color plates  71 black and white 106 pp. 6.5 x 9 Hardback in Very Good condition. Presentation copy signed by the author. Includes chapters on geographical areas, fibres, fabrics and dyes, woven textiles, historical evidence of weaving, types of looms, dyed textiles, pattern-dyed textiles, whole-piece dyed textiles, ikat textiles, other textile crafts, embroidery, applique, and drawnwork.


Eicher, Joanne Bubolz and Tonye Victor Erekosima Pelete Bite: Kalabari Cut-Thread Cloth University of Minnesota St. Paul 1982 4 black and white 32 pp. 7 x 8.5 Paperback in Very Good condition Exhibition catalog of the unusual cloth culture of the Kalabari of the Niger delta.


Gilfoy, Peggy Stoltz Patterns of Life: West African Strip-Weaving Traditions Smithsonian Institution Press Washington 1987 36 color plates 20 black and white figures 95 pp. 7.5 x 10 Paperback in Very Good condition National Museum of African Art.


Kivekäs, Eila ed. Arkilla Kerka. tekstiilejä Länsi-Afrikasta [Arkilla Kerka: West African Textiles] Pyynikinlinna Tampere 1991 88 color plates 78 pp. 9 x 9.75 Paperback in Very Good condition  Uncommon museum exhibition catalog of these woven wool and cotton bed-screens from West Africa. Finnish text. "The woollen marriage bed-screens Arkilla kerka are one of the types in the broad category of the marriage bed-screens generically called Arkilla woven in the Inland Delta of the Niger River in Mali. The Arkilla kerka are used by the Fulbe people. These wool and cotton bed-screens are suspended along and over the alcove / bed, forming a mosquito protection by adding another piece of cloth to it. The Arkilla kerka are a prestigious and an essential component of the bride’s trousseau in the Fulbe society and therefore have an extremely important social and symbolic significance." -British Museum  


Lamb, Venice and Judy Holmes Nigerian Weaving Lamb Roxford 1980 70 color plates  354 black and white 276 pp. 8.5 x 11 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition. Small numeral markings in the gutter and evidence of a sticker on the spine of dustjacket. This is the standard work on Nigeria's textiles.   


Mack, John and Christopher Spring African Textiles / Daiei Hakubutsukan Shozaohin Ni Yoru Afurika No Senshoku National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto / Kyoto Kokuritsu Kindai Bijutsukan Kyoto 1991 137 examples illustrated in color 173 pp. 8.5 x 11.5 Paperback in Very Good condition National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto exhibition catalog of African textiles on loan from The British Museum. Japanese/English text.  


Menzel, Brigitte Textilien aus Westafrika I-III Museum für Völkerkunde Berlin 1972-1973 267 color plates  2016 black and white plates, illustrations and figures 550 pp. 8.5 x 9.5 Paperback in Very Good condition German text. 3 volume set. Presentation card signed by the author laid in. This profusely illustrated and meticulously detailed study of the West African textiles collection in the Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde is an indispensable reference on this topic. The museum's collection was largely formed between 1852 and 1920, mainly from Togo and Cameroun. Unfortunately almost half of it and most of the records were lost in WWII before the material had been systematically studied. This account illustrates those pieces which remain plus additions to the collection made in Ghana and Northern Nigeria between 1961 and 1973. Volume I is devoted to the process of making cloth from cotton growing to spinning and weaving. The second volume is the embellishment of the cloth by embroidery, dyeing and stamping. Volume III gives a catalog of the lost collection as well as a glossary and extensive bibliography.


Meurant, Georges Shoowa Design: African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba Thames and Hudson New York 1986 104 color plates 17 black and white 1000 drawings 205 pp. 9.5 x 12 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition Seminal book on the subject.  


Newark Museum African Textiles, The Newark Museum: A Book of Postcards Pomegranate San Francisco 1994  30 postcards 7 x 5 Paperback in Very Good condition  A collection of 30 color postcards of textiles from all areas of Africa.  


Nordquist, Barbara K. and Susan B. Aradeon Traditional African Dress and Textiles presented by Howard University School of Human Ecology at the Museum of African Art Howard University School of Human Ecology Washington D.C. 1975 15 black and white plates  17 black and white figures 36 pp. 8 x 10 Paperback in Very Good condition An Exhibition of the Susan B. Aradeon Collection of West African Dress at the Museum of African Art


Picton, John and J. Mack African Textiles British Museum London 1979 28 color plates  204 black and white 208 pp. 8 x 11 Paperback in Very Good condition. Sunning to top edge and spine.  


Polakoff, Claire Into Indigo: African Textiles and Dyeing Techniques Anchor Books Garden City 1980 129 black and white 269 pp. 8 x 9.5 Paperback in Very Good condition. Minor edgewear. Survey of traditional dyeing arts in Africa.


Rovine, Victoria Status Symbols: African Textiles and Adornments University of Iowa Museum of Art Iowa City 1995 15 color plates 27 pp. 10 x 8 oblong Paperback in Very Good condition  University museum exhibition catalog of African art including 7 textiles, 6 pieces of jewelry and 3 hats. Uncommon.


Wass, Betty and B Murnane African Textiles University of Wisconsin Madison 1978 27 black and white 40 pp 9 x 8 Paperback in Very Good condition University Art Center exhibition catalog of mostly Western African textiles.


Wilchin, Swan et al. West African Textiles North Carolina State University Raleigh 1985 15 black and white  8 figures  30 drawings 36 pp. 8.5 x 11 (oblong) Paperback in Very Good condition University art gallery exhibition catalog.